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Our capabilities

"Build your online success and save time and money. Experience the Art of Outsourcing!"

Outsourcing IT

We offer a full spectrum of services, including planning, prototyping, coding, testing, and system implementation. You can rely on us in the process of making the desired solution, while having a full control over every step of the project development.

Go mobile

Global market for mobile devices constantly grows and along with it increases the number of application users for smartphones and tablets. It is worth following the market trends and going mobile with your business!

Software Development

We create software matching the exact needs of your business. We take an individual and précised approach to your requirements. Devil is in details. We are making your software development journey as pleasant and safe as possible.

Frameworks and new technologies

Our developers use the most updated technologies for your projects. The best fit for your customized solution is provided. We usually make use of Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, Java EE, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular JS and much more.

Agile in ourApproach

SCRUM methodology is used in our projects. It enables us to deliver custom-tailored product and eliminate risks. It is a win-win situation, when customer saves money and we save time. Your success is our victory!

Web Gamification and Animation

Gamification is the use of game design mechanics in non-game applications and processes to engage audiences, particularly consumer-oriented web and mobile sites. It is a fast growing trend that is being used to supercharge user engagement, loyalty, and integration across multiple platforms.

About us

OutSourceMyApp is a Berlin-based IT Development company featured by Red Onion Labs cooperating on international ICT markets with subsidiaries in Eastern Europe. We are creative, young and ambitious professionals with a solid business background.
Our Team members have been involved in various IT outsourcing, designing, developing web and mobile applications, software testing and business development projects for more than 15 years.

We have created a new approach in Mobile Application development. Your company doesn’t need to look for extremely expensive App and Web developers, face stress and bear risks. OutSourceMyApp is your trusted way to success. We can transform your wildest ideas into fully functional solutions and satisfaction is always guaranteed. All you need is to make the first step in identifying your needs and we take care of the rest.
We are trusted partners for companies in German, Russian and American markets.

What we do

Software development is a time and cost-consuming process. It involves different stages, including, goal setting, documentation collection, development team and project leader assigning, appropriate work place allocation, and execution of the project itself.

It is possible to do it on your own and face stress, spend time and money. On the other hand, you can outsource it to professionals who develop solutions on everyday basis, guarantee the desired result, so you can devote resources to your main business.

Secrets of Gamification

Gamification is the most demanded website engagement trend. Learn more in a short entertaining video. And you will learn how to build an audience loyalty.

It's Awesome

Veaceslav Driglov, managing director, OutSourceMyApp.com participated in the 2014 Berlin Growth Company Forum. The Forum is an interactive conference aimed at highlighting investment opportunities in German growth companies to investors while addressing key policy issues in Germany to strengthen equity-based growth funding. The 2014 Berlin Growth Company Forum was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany in collaboration with the German Federation of Startup Companies (Deutsche Startups e.V.) on October, 16, 2014.
It was exciting to learn about company's growth experience, why they had chosen a certain course of funding and what could be improved to enable more German startup companies grow faster. Policy keynotes provided decisive insights for startups, growth companies and policymakers.


Due to legal obligations not all of our projects can be displayed. Please, find some of our projects below. More can be presented upon special request. It will be an honor for us to see your project displayed in our portfolio.


Human talent is the main resource and driver of the economy. We are constantly searching for new talents. If you feel that you are the right fit for our company, please, send us your CV and project portfolio to the following email: HR@outsourcemyapp.com



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